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Soooo happy we found Ozzie doodles! They were very communicative from the very beginning! I lived in Los Angeles so they offered a flight nanny, but I was able to go to Utah to get her. Charli (previously Kirra) has just been the best addition to our family! She came to us already knowing her crate training well and she got potty training down so quickly, they also do ENS training early to start them out on the best foot possible! She loves learning and is so sweet. We couldn't believe how lucky we were to get such a beautiful, well adjusted, smart girl! You can tell the family loves all the puppies and are so invested in seeing each pup as they grow. We can't wait until we are ready for another one of the pups, so Charli can have a friend to play with! :)


Kiwi had such a fun, loving personality since the day I met her! My husband and I really believe that the ENS training and desensitization helped her to become the confident, obedient dog that she is. So so smart and a breeze to train. Friends and family are always so amazed at how well behaved she is, even as a puppy. We feel so lucky to be able to be her parents <3 she has brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you!

Kiwi's mama

We can tell you took such wonderful time and care training him. I've never met a dog so submissive at times!! He's truly the best thing we could have ever done. Last year was really really not a good year and our little boy has brought so much joy into our lives.
Thank you again


We love Dobby (dingo) so much!
Thank you, it's noticeable that he was so loved. He is so smart and acclimated to our home so quickly! We hope to be able to add another one of your puppies to our home!

Dobby's mama

We love Miss Uluru! 

She just fills our hearts with lots of love. We have lots of fun with her! 
She is getting so big and is now best friends with our other dog. They are always licking each other


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