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Focused on Quality Breeding

Ozzie Doodles is home to the most adorable well adjusted Mini Aussiedoodle puppies you might find!

Why choose Ozzie Doodles Mini Aussiedoodles?

Aside from the obvious gorgeous unique coloring and hypoallergenic coat that they have, the Aussiedoodle makes an excellent family dog! They are very intelligent and loving, they bond to their humans quickly and get along with other animals too.

We start training the puppies early (3 days old) with Early Scent Introduction (ESI) which we do in conjunction with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) training. We finish this training after 2 weeks and begin sound desensitisation over the next several weeks. These efforts are made to help ensure that each puppy is obedient, calm under pressure and easy to train. 
Our goal is to make the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible. We strive to breed the best animals we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve.

Contact us if you are interested in adding one of our beautiful puppies to your forever home.

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